Vermont Paralegal Schools

Vermont paralegal schools are available to anyone inspired to study law without pursuing a law degree.

There are no statewide requirements on education so schools offering paralegal studies in Vermont can provide several courses to help develop the necessary legal knowledge and writing skills.

If you’re interested to earn a paralegal degree and work as a paralegal in Vermont, their two schools provide education and internship experience in one of the country’s competitive and fast growing legal specialties.

Two Schools Offering Paralegal Studies

First off is Champlain College where you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies (Pre-Law). You’ll complete this program in eight semesters, with major coursework in Introduction to Law, Criminal Law, Contracts, Torts, and Legal Research and Writing.

In your senior year, you’ll complete an internship requiring 165 work hours to a law office or corporate legal department.

Second is Burlington College offering a paralegal studies certificate. This 30 credit hour program is taught by practicing attorneys. You’ll typically complete it in two semesters. Your entry level courses include Legal Research and Writing, Constitutional Law, and Legal Ethics: Theory and Practice.

The last course, and one of the most important, is the internship credit involving 96 work hours devoted to a law office or the Burlington College Legal Clinic.

It’s important to note there are no ABA certified programs in Vermont. If you’re looking to become a paralegal in Vermont you may choose an online programs such as those offered by Kaplan University. Kaplan offers two-year associate’s degree programs and bachelor’s degree programs.

Becoming A Vermont Paralegal?

With zero restrictions you’ll find that these two schools handle the teaching process differently. For the most part, coursework begins with a focus on law and ethics, the basics of legal record research and legal writing. As you progress through the program you’ll focus on contracts, tort law, contract issues and criminal law.

The internship and electives give you the opportunity to determine your areas of interest such as probate and estate planning, patent law, bankruptcy and family law.

What’s Your Salary Outlook?

Vermont paralegals surprisingly enjoy a higher than average salary compared to other states, with an average annual salary of $48,000. Entry level salaries start around $35,000.

While the option to work in a law firm or corporate legal department is available, you may also wish to consider working for nonprofits, too.

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