Paralegals Salary

Paralegals salary is often one of the most sought after answers when you're first researching this career.

It makes sense to want to know this potential up front. It'll certainly influence your educational choices. You may have an interest in real estate law. Take the necessary courses so that you can be adequately prepared.

You'll find that

Legal Assistant Today offers insight on what are the hottest paying paralegal jobs. Corporate seems to have made the top of the list.

Corporate paralegals are paid well. Simply peruse Craig's List or any recruiting agency about salary. You'll find, particularly Bay Area paralegals in California, that paralegals salary in this specialty is quite generous. Real estate paralegals also do well.

You’ll find the following factors influence salaries for paralegals:

  • Location – Your state, region and whether you’re working in a metropolitan area;

  • Education – a bachelor’s is mostly preferred in this field. (There can be exceptions, but this is a strong preference.);

  • Experience – volunteer work and internships will help you if you have no prior experience;

  • Languages – Spanish, Japanese or Chinese will add extra dollars to your salary since not every candidate can offer this skill;

  • Software knowledge – the more software you know generally and those programs specific to the field makes you a valuable member of the legal team since training is expensive and time consuming; and

  • Certification – presently certification isn’t required for paralegals (at least not in California), but obtaining certification from the National Association of Paralegals or the National Federation of Paralegals can also affect your salary potential.

While certain specialties are well paid, that doesn’t mean they’re easy jobs. Good pay can often mean a fast-paced, demanding environment.

It’s the nature of legal work to be stressful just because deadlines are so critical.

Of course, certain areas of law may be more anxiety provoking than others because of the types of attorneys you’re working with, too. Associates new to their position can be more high-strung than their seasoned counterparts, for example.

All the same, paralegals salary varies from specialty, location, experience and other skills. The more you bring to the table the better your salary will be.

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