Paralegal Schools Online - Top 5

Paralegal schools online are great to consider when your personal circumstance doesn't allow you to be a traditional student.

Earning a paralegal degree online can open doors to career options in a variety of ways. Because there are a wealth of different paths you can take, depending on your focus, there are also a number of online colleges offering courses.

Criminal justice, for example, is a wide field.

Earning an online paralegal certification could be the next step you need towards getting into this career.

Working alongside already practicing attorneys, a paralegal needs excellent training prior to entry into the field. This is a very competitive job arena. Earning an online paralegal certificate or degree can give you the edge you need to succeed if you can't attend a traditional program.

Below are a few paralegal schools online to evaluate on your way to becoming a paralegal.

  1. Keiser University eCampus Online
    Associate, Bachelor degrees

    Students at Keiser can earn an online Associate's degree in paralegal studies and a bachelors in legal studies. Using a 60 credit AA, prospective students can expect to learn about civil litigation, contracts, legal research, and family law.

    The BA program includes areas of studies such as intellectual property, criminal law, and bankruptcy law.

  2. Everest University Online
    Associate degree

    Everest University Online offers a great way to obtain entry-level employment as a paralegal.

    Prospective students can expect to learn about legal terminology, contracts, case preparation, document drafting, and legal research.

  3. Minnesota School of Business Online
    Certification, Associate, Bachelor degree

    Students who enroll at Minnesota School of Business Online can expect to learn about administrative law, litigation, criminal law, legal research, torts, family law, legal terminology, and dispute resolution.

    This program also offers options for internships so students can further enhance their real world experience.

  4. Virginia College Online
    Associate degree

    Obtaining an online associate's degree in paralegal studies at Virginia College will enable students to be better prepared for a legal career.

    Additionally, Virginia College empowers students by training them in the use of spreadsheets and computers.

    The legal coursework of the Associate's degree are legal research and writing, paralegal drafting, family law, legal system, criminal law, real estate law and torts.

  5. Ashworth College
    Certification, Associate degree

    Ashworth College provides a paralegal certification program as well as an associate's degree online. These courses will cover legal research and writing, legal interviews, litigation and torts.

    Those who do opt for the associate's program will also learn legal aspects of business and psychology as they relate to legal services.

These are just a few of the many paralegal schools online offering paralegal degrees or certifications. The benefits of obtaining an online degree are great for nontraditional students.

An online degree enhances earning potential while at the same time offering flexible schedules. This way degrees can be obtained while still balancing home and work life responsibilities.

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