Paralegal Resumes - Getting In The Door

Error free, effective paralegal resumes make the difference between hearing back and not getting a call at all.

First off, attention to detail is extremely important here. You are making a first impression. It really needs to be a good one.

You've heard the expression “The devil is in the details”? If not, you will hear this over and over during the course of your legal career.

Speaking of details... you can get a copy of 50 industry specific Paralegal Resumes to see how other paralegals craft their resumes. Does your resume measure up?

You'll find that there are two ways you might circulate your resume.

First, if you’re responding to an employment listing through Craig’s List you’ll need to craft a great cover letter and produce a sharp resume.

This is your one-to-one contact and it’s often blind as you don’t know who your potential employer may be.

Second, if you’re using a recruiting agency for placement, a recruiter will guide you on how to improve your resume. They evaluate your CV for strengths and weaknesses and offer advice on improving it.

Recruiters are important connections to have because they know what employers (their customers) are looking for and they also know how to position you for the job.

However, don’t rely on any one means for gaining employment. In today’s market, utilize recruiters if that’s available in your area and stay on top of job listings through sites like Craig’s List,, and others.

And, don’t forget about networking.

People like hiring candidates that come to them from friends or colleagues.

The usual contact information applies and includes, name, address, phone number and email. Not all resumes offer a career objective, but that can be useful whether you’re new or not. It helps to focus your resume.

Include your education, certifications, experience level, software knowledge, special skills (e.g., foreign languages spoken), hobbies or interests if space permits. Ideally you want to keep your resuem to one page.

Unless you’re a professional, such as a medical doctor or Ph.D, keep the resume to one page.

People reviewing resumes scan them. If something catches their eye they'll read further. But you'll lose their attention with a resume that goes on and on and on...

Clearly you need to provide...

  • Accurate information, no fluff. Just the facts.
  • Error free. It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway...spelling mistakes dont or rather don't belong in a resume.
  • Clean, easy to read and concise.
  • One page whenever possible. Use your cover letter to elaborate.

Below are links to examples of some paralegal resumes. They're presented here as they were submitted for consideration of employment including spelling errors.

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