Paralegal Resources

Have you been looking for paralegal resources? Whether your new to the profession or not, you'll find several resources below.

Both online and off, there are many different tools you can use to kick start your career or further it.

Paralegal resources include:


Paralegal resume samples...

Do you need a family law resume sample or a patent resume sample or an estate planning resume sample?

Or perhaps your want entry level paralegal resume samples?

They're all right here! Check out 50 industry specific Paralegal Resume samples!

Own a Kindle device? You can easily download or borrow samples of paralegal resumes right here!


National Education Online CenterThe National Education Online Center is a great, user friendly site that explores many different career fields and programs available to students and prospective students.

They offer multiple accredited educational opportunities including a Certificate or Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies.

If you're working as a paralegal, you'll find the ...

Keep pace with rapid changes at westlegaledcenter. West LegalEd Center - CLE and Legal Training is one of the top resources for paralegals because it focuses on continuing legal education.

We all need to stay abreast of legal developments in our specialties.

This very useful site is easy and simple to navigate.

It offers a wealth of information not found elsewhere. This is also a great resource for freelance paralegals. It gives you evidence, if needed, by your clients to demonstrate that you're on top of ongoing changes in the legal field.

With its comprehensive offerings, you also have webcasts and other educational tools to further your career.

For lifelong learning check out OCW Consortium for thousands of FREE online courses from prestigious higher-education institutions. There's lots of opportunity to learn something from this site!

Time Management

The Attorney Case File is your all-in-one program to keep you organized. It's a terrific product for working paralegals.

As a paralegal or legal assistant one of your biggest responsibilities is staying organized. But, not just for yourself, this program is designed to keep your cases organized and manageable.

Every attorney needs helps staying on top of all the paperwork. You'll prove to be a valuable resource to your team with a methodology that keeps you organized.

The Attorney Case File is great for most legal matters including civil, criminal, family, corporate, as well for plaintiff or defendant.

It's a very useful tool for case management at any level of expertise, and in any size office.

And, you'll get this free ebook when you sign up for my monthly newsletter! See for yourself how easy and useful this program could be for you.

Employment Search 1000's of Jobs FREE! is a useful tool when looking for employment. It offers career tools including a career advice center and the latest on career advice and news.

Staying informed of opportunities in your area is critical to your employment success. Find out what local employers are looking for in their candidates and see if your skills, education and talent are a good match.

These top resources for paralegals are a great choices for you to consider when you're working as a legal assitant.

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