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The following paralegal links offer further information about training programs, competency exams, job postings, local associations and more.

National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc. offers information on the Certified Legal Assistant exam, schools that offer training programs in a specific State, and standards and guidelines for paralegals. offers information on the paralegal advanced competency exam, paralegal careers, paralegal training programs, job postings, and local associations.

American Association for Paralegal Education provides information on paralegal training programs, including the pamphlet How To Choose A Paralegal Education Program,.

American Alliance of Paralegals, Inc. provides information on paralegal careers, certification and job postings.

American Bar Association offers general information on a career as a paralegal at the standing committee on paralegals.

How To Get A Job In The Federal Government provides advice on how to find and apply for Federal jobs.

In the United Kingdom you'll find the National Association of Licensed Paralegals offers accredited professional paralegal law course qualifications and legal training for a career in the field of law.

You'll also find the The Institute of Paralegals to be a very useful resource if you're a paralegal or aspiring paralegal in the United Kingdom.

If you live and work in Canada, you'll find The Law Society of Upper Canada to be a useful link for education and training in Canada.

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