Paralegal Employment

Paralegal employment is growing!

Consider that paralegals or legal assistants made up just under 264,000 jobs as of 2008. The field continues to experience exponential growth. Most paralegals find work in law firms. Others work for different government offices and corporate legal offices.

The United States government is actually the biggest employer of paralegals. Consider that the U.S. Department of Justice employs the highest number. And, the Social Security Administration comes a close second.

There are also a number of paralegals working freelance. They usually work on a per contract basis.

So options are available to you...

There are a few different ways to find paralegal employment.

  1. Typically students who want to become paralegals attend a community college program to earn an associate's degree.

  2. Those with an unrelated degree may obtain a certificate in paralegal studies.

  3. Because this is a highly competitive field you may want to consider a bachelor's or master's degree in paralegal studies.

In fact, there are many paralegal positions requiring a bachelor's degree. However, it isn't critical to have a bachelor's in paralegal studies, but a bachelor's in something is important.

It will improve your chances of employment.

You'll find that an...

An associate's degree in paralegal studies as is not all that dissimilar from earning a certificate. While this does increase your job prospects, it's better to pursue higher education.

That said, paralegals with associate's degrees can usually get entry level jobs. And, this can lead to the necessary job training and long term employment.

For many who get into the paralegal field with an associate's degree, on the job training is key. Internships with law offices or corporate offices is another way to get your foot in the door.

Keep in mind that...

With a bachelor's degree in paralegal studies, job prospects open up considerably. There are more career options for those with higher education.

Law offices use this requirement as a way to narrow the amount job applicants. This also is a great asset when seeking a managerial role in the law firm or corporate office.

Bear in mind as you decide your career path, often, in paralegal employment, salary depends on a variety of factors.

Consider the...

  • geographic location,
  • size and type of employer,
  • your experience,
  • training, and
  • education all come into play with paralegal salaries.

You'll find that the more common careers for paralegals include...

The Federal Government. It's one of the highest paying areas where paralegals can also find long term careers.

Careers as a paralegal within the Federal Government are a great path towards stable, sustainable employment.

Compensation is also very good for paralegals in management of various enterprises and companies, local government, legal services and the state government.

Still working in private law firms can be financially rewarding. You'll typically handle day-to-day office duties, research, verifying information and other vital tasks.

There are several different career options for paralegals. This diverse field offers many paths for paralegal employment.

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