Paralegal Cover Letter - Your Resume's Cheerleader


The paralegal cover letter requires careful thought. It's really what's going to get your resume noticed over countless other applicants.

Most of us spend tons of time perfecting our resumes. We want the employer to know as much as possible about our skills. However, don't neglect the cover letter. It's quite critical to getting you noticed.

Make the best first impression and you won't be sitting by the phone long. Check out these suggested ideas....

Get It Done

Send a cover letter. Yes. Don't consider sending your resume without one. Whether you think it's necessary or not, always err on the side of positive impressions. Your cover letter introduces your skills and hopefully does it smoothly and confidently.

Get To The Point

You've heard the saying, "time is money". It is. Busy hiring managers simply don't have time to read a book. Get to the point as quickly as you can. Keep your paragraphs short. Too long and they'll lose the reader's interest.

If your emailing your paralegal cover letter, short and sweet is even more important. Email requires concise communication. This is largely due to our eyes tiring from reading a screen.

A couple of paragraphs highlighting achievements will help you stand out over the many resumes coming in with yours.

Friendly and Professional

Resumes are generally formal documents, but cover letters allow a little more flexibility. You can reveal your personality with appropriate use of humor and a friendly, professional tone.

Dear Who?

Whenever possible always address your letter to a specific person. Dig around to see if you can find a person's name for a job posting. You could call the employer, but respect the "no phone calls" ads, too. If that's not shown on the advertisement, call and ask the receptionist for the hiring manager's or recruiter's name.

Employer's Needs - Not Yours

Rework your cover letter if you've got to many "I" or "my" beginning your sentences. Research your potential employer through their website and press releases, for example.

What types of problems are managers facing?

What qualities do they want and what are their goals?

Your cover letter should try to answer these questions. Your cover letter should show what you can do for the employer, not what the employer can do for you.

Proofread Carefully

Carefully proofread your cover letter. This is not the document for errors. Get help if you need it to be sure you don't have any misspellings or grammatical problems. Lastly, do be sure to spell the hiring manager's name correctly.

Carefully crafting a paralegal cover letter can take time, but the reward is worth it. Increased call backs and a terrific opportunity to secure a new position.


You can now download or borrow my ebook entitled, A Cover Letter Guide - Industry Sample Cover Letters For Paralegals to your Kindle device! Just click here.

Table of Contents includes....

  1. Introduction
  2. Get It Done
  3. Get To The Point
  4. Friendly and Professional
  5. Dear Who?
  6. Employer's Needs - Not Yours
  7. Proofread Carefully
  8. Cover Letter Dissected
  9. Sample Cover Letter – No Experience
  10. Sample Cover Letter - Litigation Paralegal
  11. Sample Cover Letter – Entry Level Paralegal
  12. Sample Cover Letter - Referral From Contact
  13. Sample Cover Letter Responding To Newspaper Ad
  14. Sample Cover Letter Including Salary History

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