Paralegal Cover Letter Advice - Do's And Don'ts

This article offers paralegal cover letter advice for paralegals and legal assistants.

Hiring managers for law firms and in house legal openings want job seekers to attach a cover letter with their resume. There's really no mystery to this idea.

A resume alone isn't enough for a prospective employer. It's pretty lifeless compared with an engaging, supporting cover letter.

Your cover letter gives you a big opportunity to toot your own horn. Employers want you to! They know a resume by itself simply won't get the job done.

What's the goal?

To float your resume and cover letter to the top of the heap. get an interview!

Keep in mind, too, that your cover letter will serve as a tool for future negotiations. It is therefore important that you make it impressive. A ho-hum cover letter will just get tossed into file 13...the garbage bin.

When you're drafting your cover letter you'll want to keep a few things in mind. Remember, a cover letter is a professional document. It can't be crafted in a hurry, without focus, but it must be done with patience and a careful eye.

Here are some paralegal cover letter advice tips: the dos and the don’ts...

The Must-Do's for Paralegal Cover Letters

  • Be brief. It's what the law office is looking for from a prospective employee.

    Keep it short.

    Use short sentences.

    A letter of about three to four paragraphs with sentences of 15 to 20 words is good.

    State clearly and with confidence what qualifications you possess, what skills you have, why you're better suited for the job, what you bring to the firm and how you can add immediate value.

  • Be original. Do not fake what you're not. Do not give wrong credentials to impress the employers. That will lead to slandering your own name for future job interviews at other law offices.

    No one will trust you and no one will want to work with you. Your integrity is everything.

    Keep your letter interesting. Don't let the pace drop. If you find that it does, stop and end the letter there. Of course, do it in a way that makes sense.

  • Proofread your letter well. Attorneys do not like careless candidates who already show a lack of attention to detail.

    Keep it grammatically correct. Your writing skills are on display even if a writing sample was not requested.

    Also address the letter to the right person with the correct gender. If you are not sure, be careful with your pronouns.

The Don'ts for Paralegal Cover Letters

  • Avoid using the passive voice. It makes your letter tedious to read and offers a negative impression of you as someone who may not take initiative.

  • Do not just repeat what your resume has said. Since the cover letter is an opportunity for you to add to your resume, don't repeat it. Step out of your comfort zone and speak your mind confidently about your skills.

  • Never forget to sign the cover letter. This helps confirm you agree with and stand by your letter while adding a personal touch.

These paralegal cover letter advice tips are good policy to follow. The tips are pretty basic but writing a good cover letter necessitates that you do it carefully in a focused manner.


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