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Welcome to the Paralegal Community Q & A page or as I like to think of it, the Water Cooler.

While at work, you sometimes may find yourself asking questions of colleagues while standing around the water cooler hopefully obtaining valuable insight and feedback.

I hope to accomplish the same thing here with the Water Cooler.

You can post any question concerning the paralegal profession. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding paralegal, questions can range from what qualifications are needed to educational requirements and employment concerns to how to become a paralegal.

Pretty much anything goes as long as your question is relevant to the paralegal/legal assistant profession.

And, if you have a story to share about your paralegal experiences, they're welcome here as well!

Frankly, any question or story you think may help others is worth posting here. We can all benefit from the information and guidance of others who offer a vast range of experiences in the many different paralegal specialties.

By asking and answering inquiries pertaining to the paralegal field, we can build a community of useful answers and have a place (like the water cooler!) to come to for guidance, suggestions or ideas.

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Questions about the paralegal profession?

Do you have a question about the paralegal profession you'd like answered? Perhaps you're trying to find an answer that you haven't found anywhere else online. Post it here!

We can all benefit from your questions so don't be shy. Go ahead and ask!

And, if you have a paralegal story you'd like to share about what inspired you to become a legal assistant or how you got into the paralegal profession, feel free to post that here as well.

Different perspectives offer new insights for all of us.

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Hi, what questions do you recommend asking a paralegal about their career?

How much money can I earn as a Paralegal? 
How much money can I expect to earn my first year working as paralegal in a small firm specializing in criminal defense?

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