Paralegal Books - Resources For Your Career

Paralegal books offer you a better understanding of the profession you’re joining! If you’re new and merely researching this career field, the books below can be useful resources.

If you’re a veteran these books give strategies and tips to help you land your next job or negotiate a raise. Reading these books, however, will not replace formal education. The market is too competitive and the legal field is too complex.

You may get by with on-the-job-training, but you will not have the same opportunities as someone who deepens their understanding of the profession with a certificate, associate's or bachelor's degree.

These books can prepare you to make a decision about a career choice. They can guide you to get to the next level whether finding a paralegal job or joining a paralegal educational program.

Paralegal Books For Your Library

  1. Paralegal Career For Dummies

    This book offers great information in an easy to understand format. A CD is included containing samples of documents, references and helpful checklists. The authors provide an in-depth understanding of the paralegal profession as well as the pros and cons to this career.

    If you’re undecided about becoming a paralegal or attorney, this book provide realistic comparisons between the two regarding cost of school attendance, starting salaries and the practical experience gained or lost.

    Good choice for someone who is brand new to the legal field.

  2. Lessons from the Top Paralegal Experts: The 15 Most Successful Paralegals and What You can Learn from Them

    As paralegal books go, this one provides the day-to-day aspects of a paralegal career. The author gives job descriptions and other details not readily found elsewhere. Beginner paralegals or seasoned professions find this book useful as it offers direction on changing specialties from paralegals actually working in the profession.

  3. The Everything Guide To Being A Paralegal: Winning Secrets to a Successful Career! (Everything (School & Careers))

    This author provides good insight into the paralegal career. It outlines pros and cons regarding schools, meeting with school administrators and the importance of credentials. Insight is given as to what potential employers expect of you.

    It does a good job of covering various aspects of being a paralegal and it can assist you to decide if a paralegal career is right for you.

  4. How to Land Your First Paralegal Job (5th Edition)

    This might be one of the paralegal books you want to own for its immediate value. It provides lots of practical tips and help for:

    • determining the job you want,
    • how to write your resume,
    • job search strategies,
    • interview tips, and
    • how to be successful once you’ve got your paralegal job.

    The author’s straight forward approach and easy writing style makes this book a good choice. It offers practical advice on where to look for jobs, who to talk to when you find one and even how to dress for the interview.

    It also covers probable interview questions, potential responses and advice on how to effectively negotiate compensation to get you what you’re worth. Its chapters on networking, job searching, interviewing and salary strategies make this a great resource.

    It’s a great step-by-step guide on finding a job for newcomers as well as experienced paralegals who need to keep job-search skills sharp.

    Regardless of where you are on the spectrum from deciding if this career is for you, what type of educational credentials you need to your first year on the job, this book is useful.

  5. Paralegal Today: The Essentials

    This book starts off showing you how to take notes in your paralegal courses! It’s easy to read, well organized and offers examples of tasks, salaries and opinions of actual paralegals.

    Useful information includes:

    • how to market yourself as a paralegal,
    • how to negotiate salary
    • how to advance yourself after you're certified.

    Definitions are displayed in the margins and outlines are given for each chapter. You can also test your knowledge with questions at the end of each chapter. A CD-ROM is provided to supplement the reading.

    This book supports practical classroom lecture and is a good overview for those with no prior knowledge of this career.

It's a good idea to have reference books available to you as you begin and progress through your paralegal career. These books offer good tips and strategies to help get you and your career moving in the right direction.

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