Linking Policy


I welcome web masters' requests for reciprocal links. I'm happy to provide a simple link to a relevant page or dedicate a promotional page to your company.

If you want to write a whole page of unique text promoting your business with links back to you, I will put that page on my site for you.

If your site is:

  • relevant to my theme
  • has my link reachable from your home page
  • does not promote gambling, hate, drugs or porn
  • not mainly a links site

Simply link to me and email me with your linking details. I will try to link back to you quickly.

The purpose of linking is to give my readers (who are probably interested in services to small businesses) more choices to get what they want. It will probably increase both of our rankings with the search engines, but I'm prepared to risk that if you are!

A quick helpful tip for you about my linking policy. When I see my link on a page with less than 30 other links, and a clear path from your home page to the page with my link on it, I respond very quickly.

No way to get from your home page to my link and hundreds of other links... I take a little longer to reply!

The fairer you are with your link, the fairer I will be. If you link to me from a very prominent page on your site I will try to do the same for your link.

To set up a link from your site to mine, I suggest you use approximately the following linking information:

  • URL: http://www.paralegal-legal-profession.html
  • TITLE: Paralegal Legal Profession
  • DESCRIPTION: Effective tips, ideas and strategies to help you develop your paralegal career.

To request a link from to your own site, please email me from the Contact Page.

It would help me if your provided:

  • Your website address which you want me to link to.
  • The website address of the page which contains your link to me.
  • Your suggested title which you would like me to show.
  • Your suggested description, which you would like me to show.

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