FREE Paralegal Course

Is there such a thing as a free paralegal course?


It seems this career field is hot and has been on fire for some time. The way things are going for the legal profession, this career isn't going away any time soon.

In fact, more and more people are interested to become paralegals or legal assistants because of the promise of employment and great salaries.

So why wouldn't a free class be available, right?

I've searched online for such a thing to determine if this does exist. I haven't found anything yet, but that doesn't mean free classes don't exist.

Your research may uncover free training through Lexis Nexis or through Westlaw. But these training classes are designed primarily for end users of these programs. In particular these programs offer 'how to's' for using their program in the course of a paralegal’s daily work.

You may also find that a law firm log in is necessary to access the free training.

This isn’t the answer for someone looking for a free class.

Where Does That Leave You?

  • Researching. Find other alternatives to obtain your goal of educational training.

    Start with the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) and your local paralegal/legal assistant chapter. What can they tell you?

    Do they offer introductory courses to educate the public on this career?

    What about your local community college? What do they offer and can you audit a class for a small fee to see if this really is the career you want?

    See what if anything is being offered in your community. Perhaps a local law firm is doing training or even a staffing agency. What about the courthouse where you live? Are they offering anything?

    There's always online course work as well. Try out a class since this is a great choice economically over a traditional program. There are many competing online paralegal schools offering certificates, associate degrees and even bachelor degrees in paralegal studies.

    It won't be free but can get you some exposure to the profession for a nominal fee.

  • Decide what works for you. Maybe you can't attend an ABA approved paralegal program because of geographic restrictions or simply because you’re not a traditional student.

    If you’ve got a full time job and are balancing family and other commitments, it may not make sense to enroll in a traditional program.

  • And, while a free paralegal course would be terrific to enroll in you could find they are not readily available if at all.

It seems more practical and proactive to research your local resources first. Don't leave any stone unturned and maybe you will find a free paralegal course to get your feet wet in this profession.

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