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Welcome to Paralegal-legal-profession.com! You might be interested to know a little about me and why I started this site.

Fortunately, this site isn't about me. It would be terribly boring if it was! :)

It is, however, devoted to the would-be, in the trenches, career changing, in-school-training-to-become paralegals. This site is for those of you with a desire and focus to join the ranks of other legal professionals.

With that, I will mention...

I graduated from Saint Mary's College of Moraga, California in 1996 with my Paralegal Certificate. I finished my Bachelor's in Business Management also at Saint Mary's in 1998.

I wanted to work in the legal field, but wasn't quite interested enough to become an attorney.

Thankfully, I didn't pursue a law degree!

It can be quite challenging to be a Paralegal without all the issues and responsibility of a lawyer. Plus, I don't get as many jokes!

The Paralegal profession is an exciting one!

It's growing every year and is considered one of the fastest growing professions in the United States.

It is likely someone you know is being sued or is suing someone else. Perhaps a colleague of yours is suing a company for product liability or you're suing your neighbor who's trees obscure your view?

Whatever the reason, we live in a very litigious society.

This is a good thing for paralegals. You'll have lots of job opportunities and, depending on your aptitude, a fair amount of responsibility and very good pay.

I've been asked how I got started as a paralegal and what others can do to get into this career. It seemed to me there were a fair amount of people interested to learn more about paralegal work.

So this site was created to try to meet that need. There are lots of bits and pieces of information across the net about paralegals and paralegal work, but this website puts it all in one place for you!

Feel free to drop me a line using the Contact Me form with your thoughts, ideas or suggestions!

To your success!
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