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The Paralegal Note, Issue #004 -- Will I Work Hard As A Paralegal?
July 16, 2012

Will I Work Hard As A Paralegal?

By its nature, paralegal work is demanding.

Being a quick study, continually learning and updating your skills gives you a great chance of succeeding in this profession.

You don’t have to be a lawyer. They definitely work hard and have a ton of pressure on them to perform from partners and clients.

Consider the following tips:

  • There are many specialties of paralegal work. Litigation paralegals deal mainly with civil law, contract disputes, neighbor disputes, etc. You’ll do investigations, interviews and research to assist your attorney. And you’ll do this all under specific timelines provided by your attorney.

  • You can get work without a paralegal certificate or any degree in paralegal studies if you have a bachelor degree. However, you’ll be more likely to get employment with a degree than none at all. The more legal education (e.g., certificate) you have the better your chance to get a paralegal position.

  • Since the paralegal profession has multiple specialties you can consider litigation, estate planning, corporate, real estate, government or immigration law as areas of interest. Become the best in your niche of choice by staying informed of the laws and governing authorities in your specialty.

  • Accept that while day-to-day demands of your position will vary, you will conduct research, draft legal documents related to your specialty and work under pressure to meet deadlines. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, than the paralegal profession may not be for you.

The very nature of legal work performed by attorneys is hard work. They spend many hours reading, researching, digesting information, drafting, reviewing and preparing their clients all under specific deadlines.

The paralegal will not only keep pace with them but anticipate needs and stay one step ahead freeing their attorney of time wasting tasks.

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