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The Paralegal Note, Issue #003 -- 3 Paralegal Cover Letter Tips
May 14, 2012

3 Paralegal Cover Letter Tips - UPDATED

Cover letters are critical to hiring managers. They often are looking for that one clue about a candidate that separates them for the pack.

Be professional. Your letter needs to look sharp. No errors or mistakes. Try to also get the name of the person who's hiring so you can personalize the letter. This may not always be possible, but if you can get the name by calling the company that would be great. However, be sure that the ad doesn't state "no phone calls please" since you'll look as though you were'nt following instructions.

Get to the point. Right away you need to answer what value you add to the office. Did you save your prior employer money? Make him/her money? Increase the client base? How can you make it worth the employer's time to bring you on board over someone else? This is the meat of your resume and something you need to consider carefully.

Be available. All contact information you provide should work and if you get a call, answer it. I once called someone and she told me to call her back because she was at lunch. She didn't get an interview. Be available and ready to take the call and be pleasant. Your enthusiasm is important and it is conveyed over the phone.

You can get your cover letter to move up the stack if you're professional, to the point and available. These three paralegal cover letter tips will help move you forward in the competition for employment.

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