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paralegal legal profession

Welcome to the Paralegal Legal Profession world!

Most of us know that behind every great lawyer is a fabulous paralegal.


Well, it's true.

Attorneys juggle a lot. They need all the organizational help they can get! A great paralegal (also known as a legal assistant) is worth a lot to the legal team.

Paralegals are critical staff members. Their skills and training make legal services accessible to many rather than to a few.

The Paralegal’s role continually evolves. Delivering excellent legal services affordably creates economic opportunities for you! The paralegal legal profession is one where law firms, corporations and government offices utilize skilled professionals economically.

Paralegals not only keep legal fees down, they bring in revenue to the law office through billable hours. Becoming a part of this profession means you'll learn new technology, receive ongoing continuing legal education and (hopefully!) be a part of a dynamic team!

This site is your resource if you're...

  • returning to work,
  • transitioning careers,
  • looking for employment, or
  • evaluating the paralegal legal profession.

There's a lot going on in the Internet world, but is focused on providing relevant information for budding and experienced paralegals.

So if you're new to the paralegal profession or in the trenches already, welcome!

This site is updated regularly. Come back often and find out what’s going on in this rewarding career!


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